By utilizing Credible Agents, with lived experience and ‘hood certifiable’ credentials we believe approaching adolescents, youth and young adults with a meet you where are attitude to create and build relationships that ultimately leads to bonds of friendship, trust and loyalty. In accomplishing this outcome through programming designed to be relatable, transferable and most importantly “REAL” to the participants involved. We will assist individuals in acquiring the tools necessary to learn how to think, not so much what to think and this will lead to greater problem solving skills and positive decision making as they navigate through this thing called life.

Men of Vision: Saturday Empowerment Session

This is our adult encouragement and empowerment group focusing on young men and the issues we often quietly battle. All men are welcome and encouraged to attend. We meet weekly with group discussions of spiritual enrichment, moral and personal growth, building of goal setting and personal self aspirations, creating a platform for open, honest throught provoking conversations. Men of Vision is aimed at those transitioning from "a life like no other in order to live a life like no other". Educational, spiritual, personal and professional goals and targets are further identified and Navigational Action Directives are created to be incorporated to assist in meeting these goals. We also heavily promote the "Hand Up" values of what Realism Is Loyalty stands on, by continuosly building a bond in the community, because after each one, teach one.



Real Talk

This is a round table conversation held weekly for 60-90 minutes in Kent County Juvenile Detention, facilitated by JD Chapman Jr and Fadia Taylor-Cline. These young men are guided by a personally relatable curriculm that delves into coversational topics that affect them in their daily lives and personal struggles to collectively find alternative and informed ways to think. The lived experiences that JD and Fadia bring to conversation with a real, raw and uncut outlook on life and ways to navigate through systematic arrested development that most of us suffer from. That, coupled with tangible displays of facts and modalities that prove the reality that we all know, choices that individuals make dictate the outcome of their lives.

Real Life, Real Moves

RIL's Program Director, Fadia Taylor-Cline teaches young people the game of chess from a standpoint of life.  The strategies utilized will help participants to navigate whats to come based on the positioning of chess pieces (yourself) and how to be 3 to 4 moves ahead of your opponent (life) and physically articulate the best way to checkmate the game and be victorious.

Each One, Teach One Outreach

The key component is selfish of this program (to game tap from the elders) and we take pride in that. In this outreach we partner with local Senior Living Communities and go into various locations throughout the city once a month and share in a movie, activity or some type of entertainment and have lunch with these patriach's and matriach's to both pay homage and get some mentorship for ourselves and provide a moment of company, an ear, or just a friendly face for one that paved that way for us.

Hand-Up Services

This program allows us to partner with agencies, organizations and community partners to fulfill a need of assistance for minor task while duly providing and environment for selected individuals to perform community services owed to the courts in an effective and constructive way in the community that they live.

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