We are Realism Is Loyalty, and we are here in the core of the community, most as former contributors to the ills that affect our beloved community today. Our intent is to be change agents both individually and collectively, to dilligently work to correct some of the life barriers that we all view as problematic from our firsthand life experiences for the generation of young men and women following the images, attitudes and lifestyle that many of us previously modeled in this very community.


The majority of the key staff members have served an extended amount of time in the prison for various reasons, both violent and non-violent offenses for a combined 31 1/2 years and none of these gentelmen are yet 40 years of age. In building on personal self-improvement we find it our duty to give back to the community in the form of informing and educating self, personal empowerment and both individual and collective encouragement by meeting these young people where they are and building on that, whatever 'that' may be.

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